this plane ride is no game

My first plane ride (if you could call it a plane) was when I was sixteen. I took a buzzer from Edmonton to Kelowna … the aircraft was so small that the passengers banged heads together when they adjusted in their seats.

For the most part, I consider that trip a primer for my first REAL trip, which was to Florida in 1990, when I was a dapper 20 year old. […keep reading]


sad trips to home

In keeping with the summer vacation theme, I was thinking today about a particularly traumatic summer vacation when my family drove home early.

I was sixteen. My father’s mother, Baba, had passed away that spring, and two months later, we were enjoying the well deserved quiet and serenity of the BC countryside. […keep reading]

family vacation memories

Home again, in my bed. Vacation is nice, but home is nicer. Although our family vacations are rather simple, they are still far more extravagant than the simple ones I took with my family as a child.

My parents owned a tent trailer. Not the super kind with the king sized beds, kitchen table, stove and porta-potty, but the simplest of trailers. […keep reading]