be true to yourself, teenage girl

I pulled out my teenage diaries the other day, quite honestly hoping to do some personal research on what it’s like being a teenage girl. It’s amazing how a body can forget the chaos of adolescence, and being the mom/step mom of five teen girls, I need to be a bit of a pro on the subject. […keep reading]


little dowse on the prairie

My family moved across the province when I was just completing the sixth grade. My pre-teen relationships had just begun to meld for me at that time, and it was a particularly difficult transition to leave my friends behind and move into an even smaller community. […keep reading]

why are we stalling?

My daughter wrote this two years ago, when she was 14. It was an open letter to the editor, printed in our local paper.

Since then, she travelled to Malawi, Africa, where she participated in a mission trip to local schools, hospitals and orphanages. This summer, she is working in a mission in the Philippines, falling in love with the country, as she put it, “one child at a time.” […keep reading]

teenagers who amaze me in a maze of relationships

I walked into my daughter’s room today, with a pile of folded laundry, and for the first time in months, stopped to look around. Amongst the typical piles of disheveled bedding, hair products and leftover Social Studies class notes, there was a smattering of personality, and I paused in my busy day to stop and admire it. […keep reading]