parents know their children best

A year and a half ago, my husband and I sat with a group of educational “professionals,” discussing the downward spiral of our eight year old son. A child with disabilities, he began an early intervention program when he was two years old. Now, at grade two, he was halfway through his sixth year of school, and for the first time, he was absolutely hating it. His reading and spelling had regressed, his mathematics skills were failing, and his focus and attention was non-existent. […keep reading]


bikers’ arguments don’t pass muster

In 2006, research conducted by the University of Salford determined the worst noise in the world is the sound of vomiting. I can tell you what ranks pretty high up there for me — it’s the retching of straight pipes on an obnoxious bike churning down my quiet street. […keep reading]

dogs need to be under control

While I don’t hate dogs, I don’t trust them, which means I try to avoid them. A well-trained and controlled dog is a delight and pleasure and can fill people’s lives with joy and companionship. An erratic or aggressive dog can be a nuisance and irritant, or worse, a danger to those unlucky enough to be around at the wrong time and place. […keep reading]