Editorial on July 21 Column

SAG-logo3The following Editorial gives a summary of the bizarre response to my July column. The online Gazette page can be found here.

Our View – Comforting message emerges despite online bilge

Posted: Wednesday, Aug 01, 2012 06:00 am

A week ago Saturday, the Gazette ran an opinion piece by regular contributor Dee-Ann Schwanke in which she lamented the relative scarcity of visible minorities in this city. In comparison to most parts of the country, she wrote, St. Albert is “rather pale.”

Schwanke’s piece also appeared in the electronic version of the Gazette, which allows readers to submit electronic comments from their home computers or portable devices. Yet all through Saturday, Sunday and Monday, the piece sat unnoticed. Continue reading


cosmic comic chaos

ImageFurther to my St. Albert Gazette column of May 2, 2012, I wanted to share more of my viewpoint of the CalgaryExpo Comicon this last weekend.

The Comicon event, presented by CalgaryExpo, April 27-29 was beyond monumental as it was the first time in 25 years that the entire nine member cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation came together for a convention. Other conventions have tried but for some reason the stars aligned and it happened in Calgary. Continue reading