Flaherty wrong: Labour problem not solved by EI reform.

I was born in 1970, when the FLQ broke out and the Beatles broke up. It was also six years after the birth of the last baby-boomer. Thanks to frisky folk wishing to proliferate their post-world-war confidence by, well, proliferating, an elephant sized generation was born. Continue reading


jeremy dyer needs to give his head a shake

Last week, the Queen unveiled the cornerstone of the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights, celebrating a new landmark in the city of Winnipeg, and our country. The stone originated from near Windsor Castle, where the original “Great Charter of Liberty”, the Magna Carta, was signed in 1215.

But the event was marred by an incident which is now receiving international news. […keep reading]

sordid stories are hard to ignore

So Mt. St. Helena is about to erupt, and everyone’s running for cover. The haughty and allegedly naughty star of the cabinet, member of Parliament Helena Guergis, has now been shooed to the back, kicked out of the spotlight, condemned to hover in the shadows and await the June arrival of the eagerly desired, eternally funded MP pension. […keep reading]