young womens’ inattentive driving causes death

Two young women were in the news this week over two separate tragic driving accidents that took the life of three people.

Taryn Crawford, 25 years old, was sentenced this week after killing 18 year old Sefatullah Khanzadeh on July 24, 2009, when she slammed into the back of a parked landscape truck on an Edmonton street, pinning Sefatullah where he died shortly after. Rumours that she had been seen texting immediately following the collision were quelled when the Crown Prosecutor demonstrated from cell phone records that she had not, in fact, been using her phone at the time of the collision. She was simply not paying attention.

On June 28, 2010, a young woman stopped in the fast lane of Highway 30 in Candiac, Quebec, getting out of her car to shoo a family of ducks off the road that had decided to cross. Two motorcycles, one carrying Andre Roy and his 16 year old daughter Jessie, the other carrying Andre‚Äôs wife Pauline Volikakis, slammed into the back of the car. Andre and Jessie died from their injuries. […keep reading]