hidden image, hidden worth

“It’s a boat! I can see it!”

My daughter cheered as she broke through the visual barrier of a “Magic Eye” pattern to see its hidden three-dimensional image. I could almost see the ship reflecting from her delighted little eyes myself. Andrea is six, and she found it splendidly gratifying to finally decipher the picture through the patterned design. […keep reading]


pass the priorities

I wrote the following poem 14 years ago, after attending a very fun Cowboy Poetry event. It was a reflection of my own thoughts back then as I struggled to be a perfect mom, and still holds true in many ways. Enjoy! […keep reading]


don’t confuse moms over nipple confusion

When my 17 year old daughter was born, I was cared for by usual post natal routines of the local hospital of my home town. To help me sleep through the night after my birthing ordeal, hospital nursing staff suggested that they keep my baby at the nursing station. Since I was not yet producing breast milk, only colostrum, they alternated breastfeeding sessions with bottle fed formula. Bottles of sterile water and formula were provided to me in my room to use if I felt the need, and the Welcome Wagon package included a soother. […keep reading]


estee lauder, old spice, common courtesy and common scents

So I heard through the grapevine today that someone doesn’t like my perfume.

I frowned when the messanger told me, less from offense and more from curiousity. […keep reading]