human trafficking: will our inaction be our legacy?

While attending a recent leadership conference I learned more about the sickening human trafficking industry that is gripping the world at an alarming rate. ‘Human trafficking’ is the recruitment (by deceit or abduction), transport or receipt of people (mostly women and children) for the purpose of exploitation.

The growth of this is astounding. […keep reading]


do we really want justice for omar khadr?

For decades, the Canadian justice system has gradually molded and revised its penal system towards a restorative model, as opposed to criminal. No longer would we simply punish people for wrongdoing. We had apparently risen above “vengeance for barbarism” sake: Our intention would now be to restore wrongdoers to citizenship within our society. This paradigm is opposed by many, as it appears to sometimes give license to excessive impunity, creating opportunity for secretive pardons, early criminal release and lax sentencing. […keep reading]

jeremy dyer needs to give his head a shake

Last week, the Queen unveiled the cornerstone of the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights, celebrating a new landmark in the city of Winnipeg, and our country. The stone originated from near Windsor Castle, where the original “Great Charter of Liberty”, the Magna Carta, was signed in 1215.

But the event was marred by an incident which is now receiving international news. […keep reading]