people, not possessions, matter most

It’s called “Oniomania” and it’s a disorder that afflicts far more people than you might imagine. No it doesn’t refer to fanatics of Onoway, but rather it is the craving to acquire possessions. Together with the unhealthy habit of hoarding, these two disorders torment people into believing that they need stuff, and lots of it. […keep reading]


musical burden

My upright grand piano was nabbed by my parents from a local church for a hundred bucks when I was nine, and it has been moved six times in the last thirty years.

If I’ve learned anything over time, it’s that friends don’t let friends move pianos. Asking friends to move my piano is like asking them to donate a kidney. I hire professionals. Watching a professional mover transport a piano is like watching a professional sport. They perform the job with skill, physics, and patience, and they always walk away upright when they’re done. […keep reading]