be true to yourself, teenage girl

I pulled out my teenage diaries the other day, quite honestly hoping to do some personal research on what it’s like being a teenage girl. It’s amazing how a body can forget the chaos of adolescence, and being the mom/step mom of five teen girls, I need to be a bit of a pro on the subject. […keep reading]


on being a big sister

Hello, dear friends. I’ve dropped off the flat earth this last two weeks, preparing my busy family for the busy fall, but I wanted to connect once again to celebrate a lovely day.

September 2 is a particularly great day for me. It was 36 years ago that I graduated from little sister to big sister, and my life was changed forever.Sweet little Dori-lyn Louise entered my life, and my four year old persona began to learn the delightful lessons of responsibility. […keep reading]

sad trips to home

In keeping with the summer vacation theme, I was thinking today about a particularly traumatic summer vacation when my family drove home early.

I was sixteen. My father’s mother, Baba, had passed away that spring, and two months later, we were enjoying the well deserved quiet and serenity of the BC countryside. […keep reading]

family vacation memories

Home again, in my bed. Vacation is nice, but home is nicer. Although our family vacations are rather simple, they are still far more extravagant than the simple ones I took with my family as a child.

My parents owned a tent trailer. Not the super kind with the king sized beds, kitchen table, stove and porta-potty, but the simplest of trailers. […keep reading]

gee … it’s a geocache!

My daughter just phoned me in a dither, “Mom! Mom! Do you know what a geocache is?! I found one! ME! I found it!”

“No, what? Where! Are you OK? What are you talking about??”

“Can’t tell ya! It’s illegal to say where they are! […keep reading]

bikers’ arguments don’t pass muster

In 2006, research conducted by the University of Salford determined the worst noise in the world is the sound of vomiting. I can tell you what ranks pretty high up there for me — it’s the retching of straight pipes on an obnoxious bike churning down my quiet street. […keep reading]

dogs need to be under control

While I don’t hate dogs, I don’t trust them, which means I try to avoid them. A well-trained and controlled dog is a delight and pleasure and can fill people’s lives with joy and companionship. An erratic or aggressive dog can be a nuisance and irritant, or worse, a danger to those unlucky enough to be around at the wrong time and place. […keep reading]

pause to consider true spirit of the season

Do you know what Christmas tastes like? Mine’s sweet, cool, grainy, with a flavour of honey, poppy seed, coconut and almonds, and I am intensely fond of it. It is served before the traditional Ukrainian Christmas meal, and is called, ‘kutya,’ a wheat porridge cooked only once a year. It is one of the most endearing traditions of my family, and is still made the old fashioned way. […keep reading]