bp’s offshore oil strike – the board game!

A bizarre irony is coming to light in the resurfacing of a board game promoted by British Petroleum called Offshore Oil Strike. Amid the world wide the oil crisis of the 70’s, the commodity exploration game, donning the BP logo and promoting the “thrills of drilling”, had players build drilling platforms and pipelines. The first to make $120 won. […keep reading]


edmonton washing machine rebate debate

The City of Edmonton is currently offering a $75 rebate for residents who purchase a Energy Star rated high efficiency washing machine. This is an attempt to encourage people to “preserve the environment.” The city’s environmental plan, “The Way We Green,” is the driving force behind this program, offering information on how adjustments in our lives can positively impact the environment.

Kudo’s to Edmonton for taking a great step. But is this really going to save people money? Is it really going to “preserve the environment?” […keep reading]