autistic girl expresses profound intelligence

“I am autistic, but that’s not who I am. Take time to know me before you judge me.”

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more thoughts on being a parent

Last month’s column in the St. Albert Gazette, I shared some of the challenges that parents of children with disabilities face as advocates for their children. As one of those parents, I am thankful for the healthcare system that has supported him since his birth. I am thankful for the exceptional medical attention he has received for the last ten years. I am thankful for an educational system that tries to meet his needs, and for non-profit organizations that fill in some of the gaps. […keep reading]

parents know their children best

A year and a half ago, my husband and I sat with a group of educational “professionals,” discussing the downward spiral of our eight year old son. A child with disabilities, he began an early intervention program when he was two years old. Now, at grade two, he was halfway through his sixth year of school, and for the first time, he was absolutely hating it. His reading and spelling had regressed, his mathematics skills were failing, and his focus and attention was non-existent. […keep reading]