bright is the candle that burns at both ends

Ever wonder what it’s like to have a big family? Here’s a snapshot of our family’s Friday, September 17. (The blog pic is an actual paste of our schedule that weekend.)

That day, there was the Kick-off youth event at our church, which was a night at the corn maze. Ken and I were also going out that night, because we had received complimentary tickets to a Chancellor’s Gala at a local college. […keep reading]


hidden image, hidden worth

“It’s a boat! I can see it!”

My daughter cheered as she broke through the visual barrier of a “Magic Eye” pattern to see its hidden three-dimensional image. I could almost see the ship reflecting from her delighted little eyes myself. Andrea is six, and she found it splendidly gratifying to finally decipher the picture through the patterned design. […keep reading]