bright is the candle that burns at both ends

Ever wonder what it’s like to have a big family? Here’s a snapshot of our family’s Friday, September 17. (The blog pic is an actual paste of our schedule that weekend.)

That day, there was the Kick-off youth event at our church, which was a night at the corn maze. Ken and I were also going out that night, because we had received complimentary tickets to a Chancellor’s Gala at a local college. […keep reading]


be true to yourself, teenage girl

I pulled out my teenage diaries the other day, quite honestly hoping to do some personal research on what it’s like being a teenage girl. It’s amazing how a body can forget the chaos of adolescence, and being the mom/step mom of five teen girls, I need to be a bit of a pro on the subject. […keep reading]

teenagers who amaze me in a maze of relationships

I walked into my daughter’s room today, with a pile of folded laundry, and for the first time in months, stopped to look around. Amongst the typical piles of disheveled bedding, hair products and leftover Social Studies class notes, there was a smattering of personality, and I paused in my busy day to stop and admire it. […keep reading]