Free2Walk St. Albert Pledge Forms

To take part in Free2Walk St.Albert:
1. Register online here.
2. Print and fill out either an individual or family pledge form to bring with your donations the morning of May 18.

Free2Walk St. Albert

On behalf of the Social Justice League at St. Albert Paul Kane High School, please read the following for information on an exciting event in May.

More than 30 million people live in slavery today. Men, women, and children around the world are trafficked and subjected to exploitation. The modern-day slave trade is a $32 billion-dollar-a-year business and one of the fastest growing industries.

May 18, 2013, City Event!

The Social Justice League at Paul Kane High School in St. Albert believes that the city of St.Albert as a community has the power to take action. Together we can join with others to end modern-day slavery. Get your family and friends involved on the May long weekend to take a stand against human trafficking.
Come take part in the 2 kilometer Free2Walk St.Albert on May 18, 2013, as we walk through down town St.Albert to raise pledges and awareness towards abolishing modern day slavery.
Registration will begin at 9:30 am in Lions Park St.Albert, and the walk will begin after a speech from speakers including Continue reading

Interesting times in the Catholic Church

benedictWe are well into lent and it appears the leader of the Roman Catholic Church has given up work. Pope Benedict XVI, 265th pontiff of the Catholic Church, announced his retirement on Feb. 11. He will be leaving his role on Feb. 28 and his successor is intended to take over by the end of March, just in time for Easter.

Although many support Benedict, others have responded to his decision with disappointment, suspicion and claims that he has betrayed or failed the church. Continue reading

Celebrating girls for their intelligence and courage

October 11, 2012 was the first UN International Day of the Girl. It was a worldwide commemoration of girls’ leadership, potential and capacity in recognition of challenges they face, including violence, oppression and poverty. While I perused the images of celebration, however, I was sadly reminded of other tragic, disturbing and disappointing pictures of girls. Continue reading

cosmic comic chaos

ImageFurther to my St. Albert Gazette column of May 2, 2012, I wanted to share more of my viewpoint of the CalgaryExpo Comicon this last weekend.

The Comicon event, presented by CalgaryExpo, April 27-29 was beyond monumental as it was the first time in 25 years that the entire nine member cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation came together for a convention. Other conventions have tried but for some reason the stars aligned and it happened in Calgary. Continue reading

an open letter to my teachers

Dear Teachers,

I looked at a map today, and when I got confused, I turned in my seat so my map faced north. It made me think of you, on that day when you failed repeatedly to teach our class how to read a map. […keep reading]

slave lake town fire

On Sunday, May 15, the town of Slave Lake in Alberta was engulfed in a wild fire that spread rapidly and unexpectedly through its community. Residents were evacuated, only to find that highways out of town were closed to smoke. The roadway eventually cleared, and families were able to go to Athabasca, Westlock and Edmonton to try to find shelter.

As of this point in time, no one knows the extent of damage on the town, but estimates indicate that over half of the community has been destroyed. Reports say that firefighters were caught off guard when a shift in wind spread the flames towards the community on Sunday.

If you’re looking for information on family members who were moved you can call Alberta Health Services at 1-866-301-2668.

A Red Cross number for people to try and get in touch with family members from Slave Lake has also been set up at 780-523-3388.

The Alberta arm of the Red Cross is accepting donations for displaced residents. You can donate by calling 1-800-418-1111. […keep reading]

the canadian election: win, lose, complain, get back to work

1997 Canadian Election Results

I got an email this morning from a colleague, sent to everyone at work, complaining about the make-up of our political system, and the discrepancy between popular vote and electoral vote. His complaint included the statement, “And, over the next 4-5 years, remember that MANY of you and your fellow Canadian citizens are actually NOT re-presented in Parliament by someone they voted for or agree with.”

He referenced FairVote Canada, which has suggestions for improving the model. […keep reading]

did her baby have a name?

Katrina Effert (Now referred to in some media reports as Kristina Effert), a Wetaskiwin woman found guilty of second-degree murder for killing her son two years ago, will face another trial. The conviction has been overturned.

Two years ago, at the trial which found her guilty of murder, she was referenced to have had a “disturbed mind.” This was intended to reduce her responsibility in the murder. I’m sorry, but do not all murders have a disturbed mind? What makes murderers of babies victims rather than killers? […keep reading]