hope does not make sense

I’ve heard such dreadful stories recently.

I caught up with a friend from high school whom I haven’t spoken to in decades. She told me of overwhelming difficulty in her family’s life for the last 15 years.

A colleague’s young wife passed away this year, leaving him and their five daughters to grieve.

A child of friends’ of mine is suffering through incredible health issues.

And I hear more and more examples of grief and misfortune of good people in my life.

How can one even process the sad and frightening experiences around us? They are the narratives of people who are sidelined by grief, despair and helplessness. It is exhausting, painful to watch people you love and admire walk through such frightening times in their lives. Sometimes the end result is good news, and you can hope and pray for that, but sometimes things don’t end well. This is the reality of our world. […keep reading]


bright is the candle that burns at both ends

Ever wonder what it’s like to have a big family? Here’s a snapshot of our family’s Friday, September 17. (The blog pic is an actual paste of our schedule that weekend.)

That day, there was the Kick-off youth event at our church, which was a night at the corn maze. Ken and I were also going out that night, because we had received complimentary tickets to a Chancellor’s Gala at a local college. […keep reading]

be true to yourself, teenage girl

I pulled out my teenage diaries the other day, quite honestly hoping to do some personal research on what it’s like being a teenage girl. It’s amazing how a body can forget the chaos of adolescence, and being the mom/step mom of five teen girls, I need to be a bit of a pro on the subject. […keep reading]

strength of a woman

There’s an old phrase that used to drive me crazy as  a young bride, and that is that women are the “weaker sex.” It’s a phrase from the Bible, and I have since learned that it by no means meant that women were substandard to men, but rather generally incapable of developing physical strength compared to men.

I have, however, been told by men in my life that I am a subsidiary, […keep reading]

how to love your husband

I love my husband with all my heart, but he’s often the last person to know it.

I recently came upon a list of tangible ways to demonstrate my love for him regularly. When reading the list, I became aware of my shortcomings in transferring my love from feeling to action. I printed the list, tucked it into my wallet (on pretty pink paper), and began referring to it regularly. […keep reading]

hidden image, hidden worth

“It’s a boat! I can see it!”

My daughter cheered as she broke through the visual barrier of a “Magic Eye” pattern to see its hidden three-dimensional image. I could almost see the ship reflecting from her delighted little eyes myself. Andrea is six, and she found it splendidly gratifying to finally decipher the picture through the patterned design. […keep reading]

on being a big sister

Hello, dear friends. I’ve dropped off the flat earth this last two weeks, preparing my busy family for the busy fall, but I wanted to connect once again to celebrate a lovely day.

September 2 is a particularly great day for me. It was 36 years ago that I graduated from little sister to big sister, and my life was changed forever.Sweet little Dori-lyn Louise entered my life, and my four year old persona began to learn the delightful lessons of responsibility. […keep reading]

musical burden

My upright grand piano was nabbed by my parents from a local church for a hundred bucks when I was nine, and it has been moved six times in the last thirty years.

If I’ve learned anything over time, it’s that friends don’t let friends move pianos. Asking friends to move my piano is like asking them to donate a kidney. I hire professionals. Watching a professional mover transport a piano is like watching a professional sport. They perform the job with skill, physics, and patience, and they always walk away upright when they’re done. […keep reading]