the canadian election: win, lose, complain, get back to work

1997 Canadian Election Results

I got an email this morning from a colleague, sent to everyone at work, complaining about the make-up of our political system, and the discrepancy between popular vote and electoral vote. His complaint included the statement, “And, over the next 4-5 years, remember that MANY of you and your fellow Canadian citizens are actually NOT re-presented in Parliament by someone they voted for or agree with.”

He referenced FairVote Canada, which has suggestions for improving the model.

My thoughts?

So, uh, yeah. I agree, it’s a broken system.

… And typically, the popular vote contradicts the electoral vote. (We could just throw all the ballots in a big bin and count them one by one.)

… And typically, the losers are the ones who complain about it. (Remember the outrage when the Liberals won a majority in 1997 with 38% of the vote. See the stats here.)

… And typically, the 40% of lazy Canadians who didn’t cast their vote aggravate the system. (May-be we should only allow people who have voted in the last election to vote for the next one. Then there might be some appreciation for the democratic process.)

At least for awhile we won’t have to try forcing the apathetic-masses-sorry-little-asses off their couches to mark an x on a ballot sheet.

And considering the amazing country we have here, I’m darn appreciative of the fact I can trust the security of my future. I can put a little money into a savings account, I can teach my children what I want, I can worship the way I please, I can embrace my fellow Canadian with tolerance and respect, while not being frightened that I’ll be flogged or fined due to my beliefs.

And I don’t have to worry about my brother lighting himself on fire to plead for freedom.

Congratulations to the winners, and condolences to the losers.

Now let’s get on with life.


One thought on “the canadian election: win, lose, complain, get back to work

  1. You go girl. Well said!! I look forward to what this government will do for our great country!!! Could be a very interesting four years!

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