did her baby have a name?

Katrina Effert (Now referred to in some media reports as Kristina Effert), a Wetaskiwin woman found guilty of second-degree murder for killing her son two years ago, will face another trial. The conviction has been overturned.

Two years ago, at the trial which found her guilty of murder, she was referenced to have had a “disturbed mind.” This was intended to reduce her responsibility in the murder. I’m sorry, but do not all murders have a disturbed mind? What makes murderers of babies victims rather than killers?

Read more about my comments about lenient sentencing towards baby killers here:


And in all the media reports covering this tragedy, I can’t help wondering: did Kristina Effert’s (Katrina Effert’s) son have a name? How is it that when a woman in Canada doesn’t give their baby a name, but chooses to kill them, we are so quick to forget that the child is a vulnerable member of our society, and we are responsible to uphold their value.

I am becoming more convinced that justice in this country only goes to those with a voice. The weak and vulnerable are on their own.

Shame on us.


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