bright is the candle that burns at both ends

Ever wonder what it’s like to have a big family? Here’s a snapshot of our family’s Friday, September 17. (The blog pic is an actual paste of our schedule that weekend.)

That day, there was the Kick-off youth event at our church, which was a night at the corn maze. Ken and I were also going out that night, because we had received complimentary tickets to a Chancellor’s Gala at a local college. The tickets had been addressed to the President of university where we work, but being that the President and all VP’s were unable to attend, we were offered the tickets, and we looked forward to a nice evening out. The “black-tie optional” note on the invitation didn’t phase us … we had an OK suit and dress to adorn ourselves with, and besides, we’d plan to hang out in the background, anonymous …

So thus begins our day:

7:20 Adelle leaves for school.

7:30 Isaiah gets out of bed and asks if he can play X-Box. Mom tells him to brush his teeth. He’s going to the dentist.

7:45 Emily leaves for her dentist appointment.

7:30 Mom lays out her dress for this evening’s Gala. It’s a black summer wrap, with wee little polka-dots and a bit too low-cut for her liking. It’ll have to do, though, because she doesn’t have anything nicer.

8:00 Anna and Andrea catch the bus for school.

8:15 Dad leaves for work. He and Mom can’t commute today because Mom is going to the dentist too.

8:30 Emily has her dentist appointment.

8:45 Mom and Isaiah leave for their dentist appointments.

9:00 Amanda drives to school.

9:30 Emily heads out from the dentist to spend the day with friends … only one week before she leaves for Mexico!

9:30 Mom dentist appointment. (Her last one was April 2007.)

10:00 Isaiah dentist appointment. He tells the dentist about his X-Box game.

10:30 Mom drives Isaiah to school. On the way to school, Isaiah tells Mom his idea of a great X-Box movie.

11:00 Mom drives to work. She wonders if her summer dress is classy enough for the Gala.

11:30 Dad out for business lunch.

1:30 Amanda gets off school, drives home to catch up on chores.

1:30 (Yum yum, Dad’s back to work from lunch.)

2:00 Adelle gets home from school.

3:00 Amanda drives Adelle to Youth, because Adelle needs to be there early.

3:30 Anna and Andrea get home from school.

4:00 Adelle helps with Youth Group set-up for the night.

4:00 Amanda drives to meet up with her boyfriend, Phil.

4:10 Isaiah gets home from school. He’s not impressed that he has to finish his homework before he plays X-Box.

4:30 Mom and Dad try to leave work early, cause they want to make it to the reception before the Gala begins tonight … not successful.

5:00 Mom and Dad leave work. Mom wonders if she has nylons at home.

5:30 Bailey, Anna’s friend, is dropped off at our place because she’s going to Youth Group with Anna tonight.

5:37 Everyone finds something to eat (I think?).

5:45 Mom and Dad get home, they scramble into summer dress and good-lookin’ suit. Not exactly gown and black bowtie, but it’ll do.

6:00 Emily is home to watch Isaiah for the next three hours, spelling off Andrea.

6:15 Mom and Dad head off to the Chancellor’s Gala.

6:30 Emily drives Anna and Bailey to youth. She leaves Isaiah at home with Andrea. Isaiah sneaks in some X-Box time.

6:35 Mom and Dad arrive downtown, and look for a parking spot for 10 minutes.

6:45 Mom and Dad walk into the Gala venue. On the way in, Mom says, “Hey, I’m not going to worry about my simple dress. You and I are just going to melt into the crowd, stay in the background, and, you know, have fun.”

6:45 Adelle and Anna and Bailey head off to the corn maze.

6:50 Mom and Dad sign in to reception. When Mom says her name, the greeter smiles and says, “Oh, you get a MEDALLION!” “Oh?” she inquires back, “What is the medallion for?” “It appears,” he replies, “that you’re someone SPECIAL!”

6:55 Amanda and Phil come back to our place to watch Isaiah and play X-Box. Isaiah now loves Phil.

6:55 Mom and Dad make it over to the “Medallion table,” where a college representative informs them that because they are the only guests from their particular university, they will be highlighted as official dignitaries from that institution for this evening. Mom is to wear a 4 inch medallion around her neck, which nicely accentuates the low-cut nature of her simple summer dress.

7:00 Andrea is at home (I think?).

7:05 Mom and Dad join the other dignitaries, along with Alberta’s Lieutenant Governor, and they are escorted by bagpipes in a procession into the banquet hall. On the way in, they realize they have no idea where they’re sitting, and they get lost among the tables, while the entire audience continues to stand and smile and nod and applaud, until they finally make their way to the dignitary table at the front of the room, seated near the Hon. Lieutenant Governor and his wife.

8:00 Anna and Bailey get lost in the corn maze.

8:15 Mom and Dad visit with the others at the table. They’re hoping to leave around 9:30 to go pick up Anna and Bailey from the church.

8:30 Emily leaves home for a sleepover at a friend’s house.

8:45 Mom declines the offer of wine, thinking the day has gone crazy enough without it, and asks for a glass of water so she can down a couple Tylenol.

9:00 Amanda packs Isaiah and Andrea in her car, and takes Phil home. Isaiah asks if he can take the X-Box in the car with them.

9:15 Mom is dreadfully aware of how lowcut her dress is, and tries to adjust the strap from the ever-heavier medallion.

9:30 Amanda drives over to the church with Andrea and Isaiah to wait for Mom and Dad, and pick up Adelle.

9:45 Adelle arrives back to the church after the corn maze. She hears that two people were left in the maze, and panics that is was Anna and Bailey, because she can’t find them. After searching, she discovers they’ve made it back safely. She starts to help with clean-up.

9:50 Mom checks the time and panics. They’re late to pick up the kids. She graciously tosses the medallion on the dinner table, and she and Dad bow and nod to each person at the table, quickly navigating through the crowd, down the stairs, and out into the fresh air. They head for the van, and can barely walk straight because they’re laughing so hard.

10:15 Mom and Dad, Amanda, Adelle, Anna, Bailey, Andrea and Isaiah stand in the parking lot of the church and share their experiences for the evening.

10:30 Amanda drives Adelle and Andrea to their dad’s place for the weekend.

10:30 Mom and Dad say good-by to Amanda, Adelle and Andrea, pack Isaiah, Anna and Bailey into the van, then head out of town to take Bailey home.

11:00 Mom and Dad drop off Bailey, and head for home with Anna in the back seat, and Isaiah snoring, dreaming about X-Box.

Midnight Dee-Ann climbs into bed, thankful that everyone has made it to their beds at various locations, safe for the night. She forgets to brush her teeth.


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