on being a big sister

Hello, dear friends. I’ve dropped off the flat earth this last two weeks, preparing my busy family for the busy fall, but I wanted to connect once again to celebrate a lovely day.

September 2 is a particularly great day for me. It was 36 years ago that I graduated from little sister to big sister, and my life was changed forever.Sweet little Dori-lyn Louise entered my life, and my four year old persona began to learn the delightful lessons of responsibility.

Being the older sibling is a journey of engagement. No longer could I flit through life as the little one, careless and carefree, wee and weak, accepting help and offering none. Now this important role of “family baby” was passed on to this new squirmy wrinkle in a blanket, and I must now consider her needs first.

As the years passed I took this role rather seriously. Who else, I concluded, could teach this tender child the joy of peas up the nose, the distinct feeling of cracking one’s head with a stick, or the gratification of removing one’s own diaper when one is tired of it. Who else could demonstrate the importance of giving and trust … giving others one’s last candy, or trusting others with one’s brand new toy? And who could possibly be more qualified to teach this little girl about how to follow directions or submit to authority than her directive and authoritative sis?

Albeit, it was a challenging job. As the years progressed, my little sister seemed to have her own ideas about life, and it took a good decade of struggle before I finally gave her up to her own demise. Despite this, she turned out pretty good in the end, and I’m offly proud of the job I did.

Happy birthday, sis! May this next year bring you adventure, joy, love and serenity. May you know the challenges of exciting discoveries,  the comfort of a loving family, the joy of a happy marriage and the distinction of motherhood. I am thankful for September 2, 1974, and grateful that God put you in my life.


One thought on “on being a big sister

  1. *tear* Thank you so much! I love you too! You were a great big sister! I have so many awesome memories of the crazy times and so many wonderful times! Yes, you did great being my big sister! ❤

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