children make us smile

“Children have so much to offer and teach us. They show us how to laugh simply, care for the small things and love unconditionally. Sometimes people look at children as vulnerable and naive, though I think we are the ones who are truly vulnerable. As soon as we begin to listen to children, our walls that barricade us from the world begin to fall, and eventually we are the ones laughing, caring and loving just like they do. And being vulnerable isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it is one of the few things that will nurture us into being better than what we are.”

The picture and quote is from my 16 year old daughter, who has worked the last month in Cebu with children and families. She arrives home this afternoon.

It would do us good to allow ourselves the freedom of living like children. To live every moment to its fullest, to love every person with integrity, to observe the world with curiousity rather than judgment. Our maturity may bring wisdom, but at times it also brings routine, distrust and cynicism.

Having children has been the most gratifying and satisfying aspect of my entire life. They are like tender, delicate pillars … anchors, that ground me in authenticity. I hope that I will continue to learn from them, because the genuine child-like search for the meaning of life should be one that never stops.

And when my baby’s plane lands this afternoon, I will smile from my heart and hold her tight.


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