bp’s offshore oil strike – the board game!

A bizarre irony is coming to light in the resurfacing of a board game promoted by British Petroleum called Offshore Oil Strike. Amid the world wide the oil crisis of the 70’s, the commodity exploration game, donning the BP logo and promoting the “thrills of drilling”, had players build drilling platforms and pipelines. The first to make $120 won.

Of course, the road to black gold riches was paved with danger, including damaged rigs and oil slick clean up costs of $1 million.

During the 70’s, offshore drilling was a controversial and polarizing discussion in many jurisdictions. The endorsement of such a game made complete sense for BP, to bolster the perceived benefits of digging deep. Who would have imagined this irony if it!

Current costs for the April 20 Gulf spill are over $3 billion. A computer generated model of future effects of the spilled oil after one year has been created by the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) at the University of Hawaii.

So check your basement games shelf if you have a copy of Offshore Oil Strike. If you find one, I’m going to guess you’ve just hit oil!


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