opinion of the minion

Why is it that some of us are so scared to state our opinion?

For me, it’s the deliberate act of taking up space in the world. I feel vulnerable and exposed when I tell people what I think. Being the analytical sort (something my gender is not necessarily known for), I’m not a particularly emotional person. I feel far safer stepping back and observing my relationships rather than feeling them. Appraising my role, rather than praising it.

But being analytical does not make me impervious to insecurity. I fear that if I were to give my opinion, I would navigate too close to that dangerous island called “Rejection.” (Conveniently located between the “Invalid Inlet” and the “Haha Peninsula.”) Rather than crashing into the rocks where chaos and uncertainly would most certainly overtake me, I steer away into wide and open horizons of general opinion.

But there, I don’t face challenge. I don’t defy the odds. I don’t overtake adversity, confront danger, thumb my nose at failure. I don’t learn from others, or learn from my mistakes. I am safe, but irrelevant. Quiet, but silent. Conciliatory, but neutral. When we do not share ourselves with others, when we do not deliberately take our share of space in this whirling cosmos, we disserve our world and dissolve into immateriality.

I have only one life, and can only share my thoughts and opinions within a temporal and mortal framework. I choose to be honest. I choose to share. Although my words may not reach significant numbers, I hope they number among the significant.


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